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Hardwood Flooring Installation Sandy Utah

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​Hardwood floors are an investment that will last for a long time with the proper installation and care. Floor Installation can be a messy process, but we take pride in leaving your home looking as beautiful as we found it, with the added value of your beautiful new floor. Our expert technicians have seen every situation and are proficient in the three different types of installation for hardwood flooring.

​There are different modes of installation for engineered wood strips, solid wood strips, and parquet. With all modes of installation moisture testing is imperative to ensure proper installation.

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Types of Hardwood Flooring Installation:

Floating Hardwood Installation

In this method, we glue together the tongue and groove of every plank and the floor floats over foam cushioned padding. If the flooring has a locking system we can lock the pieces together without glue. This can be used with either laminate or engineered wood floor, but either way, the flooring is pre-finished.

​Not all engineered surfaces can be floated. Floating installation can also be placed over subflooring of questionable quality, unlike the other two modes. Also, floating floors are a great option if you have multiple layers of flooring and do not want to remove them all. With floating installation, the wear layer is important to consider as the thicker the layer the more times it can be refinished. Generally, laminate flooring gives a hollow feeling underfoot with this mode of installation. Remember that floating floors expand and contract as a unit because the pieces are fused together. Allow for as much expansion area as possible.

Our comprehensive service ensures that no detail gets overlooked. We determine the temperature, levelness of the subfloor, and presence of a moisture barrier and sound barrier to guarantee your satisfaction with the installation.

Staple Down Installation

A modified pneumatic flooring nailer that is used to drive 1-1/2″ – 2″ Staples versus cleats to attach tongue and groove engineered or solid wood flooring to the subfloor. A pneumatic nailing gun is used to drive the staple into the wood flooring and subfloor. Wood flooring 5/8″ or thinner would most likely require a smaller pull trigger pneumatic nailing gun and smaller sized staples. Read the manufacturers installation manual to assure you have the right staple gun and right size staples for your particular flooring.

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Nail-down Installation

Typically used with 3/4″ solid wood flooring, however on some flooring nailer models there are adapters plates available for the base of the manual flooring nailer or the pneumatic nailing gun, for thinner solid and engineered flooring sizes as well. For 3/4″ thick flooring 2″ nailing cleats are normally used to attach the flooring to the subfloor. Although there are 3 different size cleat nails that can be used for different installation applications and wood thicknesses. Solid wood flooring should only be installed on wooden subfloors on or above grade.

Glue Down Installation

Gluing hardwood floors includes pros like giving your floors a solid feel and sound, as well as being least likely to have deflection between flooring and subflooring over nailing hardwood floors. One added bonus to this is you should not hear squeaking. Another pro for glue down vs nail down flooring is that it is known as the most permanent installation method. Also, wider planks will be more secure and less likely to expand and contract due to seasonal changes. A few cons to the gluing hardwood floors include possible extra subfloor prep and increased labor costs. Wharton Hardwood Floors only uses the highest-quality flooring adhesive.
Professional Installation of Hardwood floors
Living area - Wharton Hardwood Floors

Floating Installation

With the floating installation method the engineered wood floor is not mechanically fastened to any part of the subfloor a bead of recommended wood glue is applied in the groove of each plank to glue the planks together. There is a thin underlayment pad that is placed between the wood flooring and the subfloor to provide a cushion. This underlayment also retards any moisture transfer from below and can reduce noise when walked on and makes the floor softer under foot. Nowadays most all engineered floors and engineered Longstrip floors can be floated. Installing a floating floor is a fast, easy method of installation. Please consult the engineered manufacturers installation instructions to see if your flooring can be floated.

Click Lock Installation

Many manufacturers are using newly developed ways to install their engineered flooring by milling the boards tongue and grooving design into a click lock floating floor system where the boards simply fold and lock together with no messy glue or clamping. This proven method has clearly made the process of installing wood and laminate flooring a lot faster and easier than any other type of installation method. More and more wood flooring manufacturers are offering this style of floating floors every day. All laminate flooring has the click lock design.

Professional Installation of Hardwood floors

Why Our Customers Love Us

Andy, Malcom and Brandon did a superb job installing new floors in our century old home! These guys work as hard as we have seen anyone work. It was obvious that their aim was the quality of their work, which is something rare nowadays when more often than not you get a salesman rather than a craftsman. We could not be happier with the outcome and have since recommended them to several friends. Bottom line: if you want quality work and a good value we recommend Wharton without any reservations. You will get craftsmen and not salesmen.
Codrina Rada
Codrina Rada
21:27 24 Mar 22
My dishwasher leaked this summer, ruining the hardwood floor, which runs throughout the main level of my house. The disaster company I worked with recommended Wharton to do the refinish work. When I had the floor installed 10 years ago, I remember the contractor mixed stains to come up with the color that best complemented the cabinets. I was worried this time around we wouldn't be able to match the stain, but Andy has a great eye and we came pretty darn close to the original. Andy and his team — Malcolm and Brandon — were super conscientious in their work, patient with my stupid questions and quick. Long story short, my floor looks great. Would highly recommend Wharton to anyone having flooring installed or refinished.
Todd Curtis
Todd Curtis
16:25 28 Oct 21
This company came highly recommended from a family member who also used them. I was not disappointed. They were in and out in the time frame they promised, and the bid was very fair, and there were no hidden fees. The mess was very minimal, and they cleaned everything up. I think my house was actually cleaner after they came! We did half our house, and I will definitely have them come back to do the other half. Thank you!
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson
02:50 17 Mar 20
I dreaded having my floors done. I feared the mess. I feared the expense. I was worried my new cabinets would get damaged. But Wharton Hardwood Floors came in, did an amazing job, at a much better price than any of my other bids. Also, their system eliminates almost all of the dusty mess. I can't thank them enough!!
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson
02:39 17 Mar 20
I just bought a home with some maple hardwood floors that were trashed. Gary and the crew came in and made my floors look brand new. They have a dustless sanding system so my house is still clean. The crew was quick and professional. I am absolutely ecstatic about my beautiful new floors! I highly recommend Wharton Hardwood Floors!
SEO Werkz
SEO Werkz
20:24 08 May 15