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What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Unlike solid wood, engineered wood floors have a top or “wear” layer made of solid wood, which covers a multilayer plywood core. The thickness of the top layer and the core will vary depending on the design and the manufacturer.

In total thickness, engineered wood planks vary from as low-profile as
one-quarter inch (6.35 mm) to as thick as three-quarters inch (19 mm, or the traditional thickness of solid-wood flooring). The thickness of the wear layer typically reflects the caliber of the product. The industry norm is 2 to 6

millimeters, with a thicker wear layer generally indicating a more premium product.

Engineered wood flooring is available in a wide range of wood species, including oak, maple, hickory, birch, cherry and walnut, as well as exotic woods like African mahogany and tigerwood. It comes in a variety of widths ranging from slim to wide planks and is offered in specialty looks such as multitone, shown in this photo, or hand-scraped, shown in the previous photo.

All wood products — both solid wood and engineered wood — are prone to damage from flooding or standing water and should not be subjected to large amounts of water. However engineered wood is more stable than solid wood due to having multiple layers in its core, making it less likely to expand, contract or shift when exposed to moisture, humidity and temperature shifts. Its stability reduces the potential for warping that comes with all solid wood and particularly with wide planks of solid wood. The stability of engineered wood makes it a good choice in places where solid wood should not be installed, such as over concrete floors or radiant heating systems.

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Since this material is available in more thicknesses than solid wood, it can be a good option if you need a thin wood (for example, to match the height of an adjoining floor).

Engineered wood is also a great way to get the look of wide-plank wood floors, a staple of farmhouse style. In fact, engineered wood or reclaimed wood may be your only options if you want planks wider than 5 inches.

Engineered wood can be less expensive than solid wood, though premium collections with thick top layers, artistic designs and enhanced durability can have price tags on par with solid wood.

Why Our Customers Love Us

Andy, Malcom and Brandon did a superb job installing new floors in our century old home! These guys work as hard as we have seen anyone work. It was obvious that their aim was the quality of their work, which is something rare nowadays when more often than not you get a salesman rather than a craftsman. We could not be happier with the outcome and have since recommended them to several friends. Bottom line: if you want quality work and a good value we recommend Wharton without any reservations. You will get craftsmen and not salesmen.
Codrina Rada
Codrina Rada
21:27 24 Mar 22
My dishwasher leaked this summer, ruining the hardwood floor, which runs throughout the main level of my house. The disaster company I worked with recommended Wharton to do the refinish work. When I had the floor installed 10 years ago, I remember the contractor mixed stains to come up with the color that best complemented the cabinets. I was worried this time around we wouldn't be able to match the stain, but Andy has a great eye and we came pretty darn close to the original. Andy and his team — Malcolm and Brandon — were super conscientious in their work, patient with my stupid questions and quick. Long story short, my floor looks great. Would highly recommend Wharton to anyone having flooring installed or refinished.
Todd Curtis
Todd Curtis
16:25 28 Oct 21
This company came highly recommended from a family member who also used them. I was not disappointed. They were in and out in the time frame they promised, and the bid was very fair, and there were no hidden fees. The mess was very minimal, and they cleaned everything up. I think my house was actually cleaner after they came! We did half our house, and I will definitely have them come back to do the other half. Thank you!
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson
02:50 17 Mar 20
I dreaded having my floors done. I feared the mess. I feared the expense. I was worried my new cabinets would get damaged. But Wharton Hardwood Floors came in, did an amazing job, at a much better price than any of my other bids. Also, their system eliminates almost all of the dusty mess. I can't thank them enough!!
Becky Johnson
Becky Johnson
02:39 17 Mar 20
I just bought a home with some maple hardwood floors that were trashed. Gary and the crew came in and made my floors look brand new. They have a dustless sanding system so my house is still clean. The crew was quick and professional. I am absolutely ecstatic about my beautiful new floors! I highly recommend Wharton Hardwood Floors!
SEO Werkz
SEO Werkz
20:24 08 May 15